Fabian Verdejo was born in Manhattan of Colombian and Chilean parents and has lived throughout all of New York City's five boroughs. Although gifted in both Mathematics and The Sciences, Verdejo decided to leave them behind for a career in Art after high school. Verdejo graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology in 2009 with an A.A.S. in Fashion Illustration. An academic/scientific approach to Art then led Verdejo to study classical drawing and painting at The Grand Central Academy of Art. In 2011, Verdejo relocated to Gothenburg, Sweden to further this mode of learning at The Florence Academy of Art at their second campus. 2011 also marked the year where Verdejo was inducted into The Graffiti Hall of Fame, located in Manhattan's East Harlem district, as acknowledgement for the street installations he left abroad. In 2012, Verdejo led a multi-tiered skillshare class entitled "Urban Typography" where students were made to understand graffiti as an art form and not vandalism, as well as explore and appreciate its origins and most notable artists. This love for letters continued in 2013 sparking the kickstarter project iWish:Life-Changing Doodles and Sigil Magic, which was successful and overfunded. In 2013, Verdejo also briefly studied at The Harlem Studio of Art under Judy Kudlow, and showed at Tribeca's Gallery 69 for several shows. All skills combined, Verdejo then began to apply his focus to the application of Tattoo and was quickly staffed by Wyld Chyld Tattoo as a professional tattoo artist in 2014. Verdejo is the founder of Skaercity, Inc. and is presently in production of Fine Art, Tattoo, Graphic Design, and Installations.


Perception is the intermediary between the universe and the soul, actively impacting the most influential asset to our humanity: our emotions. On Earth, our senses lie at the very root of our experience. Sight, both physical and immaterial, has consistently had the greatest impact on my emotions and state of mind. From this biased perspective, I have come to believe that paintings have the ability to affect the world the same way vision has affected me. This hope has forged in me the importance of creating "visions" of congruent impact to the viewer, through Art. Realist painting can be seen as the culmination of Science and Art. As a ‘scientific artist,’ it is the harmonious effort it demands from both ends of the spectrum that I find most attractive about my craft. It‘s driven me to methodically study and admire the universe’s effortless design, and to work to capture it. Only as a student of Art have I realized the grandeur of the clouds, majestically floating in and out of existence; Only while drawing have I been able to begin to grasp the reality of the paradise we inhabit. Surrounded by this paradise, I am constantly learning how to better evoke deep sentiment in others through the properties of shape and color; the marriage of science and art. Within this marriage, viewers can become cognizant of Man’s brilliance. It lies in his ability to connect and combine materials that, with his touch, become a bottomless well of emotion withstanding Time.